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Secure payment

1. Pay with PayPal
It’s safer - When you pay with PayPal, you can also get Purchase Protection for all eligible transactions at no additional cost.
It's faster - With no need to type in your card details, you can check out in a few clicks.
It's easier - All you need is an email address and password to pay online.
2. Bank Transfer
We’re sorry that, this service only accepts when the shipping location is in Hong Kong.

1. PayPal付款
安全 – 選擇用PayPal付款, 如遇到什麼交易問題, 可保障你的交易, 而且不需要額外費用.
快捷 – 只需在PayPal開戶, 在網上購物時, 你便無需每次輸入信用卡資料.
簡單 – 只需用你的PayPal電郵地址及密碼, 便可付款.
2. 銀行過數
對不起, 銀行過數服務, 現只適用於香港本地客戶.